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Branding Design Service at Creative Mount

Creative Mount is offering the worldwide brands or startups a wide category of Logo Design, Flyer Design, Business Card Design and so on at a very affordable price. We will maintain and match your color presence/preference. Alternatively, we can suggest you the best color and style for your brand or startups. Moreover, you will find our team members punctual, loyal, descent, sincere and obviously friendly.

Please ask us briefly what you exactly want us to do with.

Actually, here we are going to provide you with the designs of branding which are required for your Brand or Startup. At least, in this 21st century a company needs such kind of designs which works as the ambassador of the company. When a company starts its journey, it needs advertisements to collect more and more clients to increase its production. And what do you think about these advertisements? Today’s electronic as well as print media requires branding designs to represent the company with more clarity. As a result, it needs to call for a unique logo, a dashing flyer, a dazzled poster, pure letterhead and obviously a representative business card.

Basically, a logo is a text or image/graphic that symbolizes your business. To define the logo exactly, this is a graphic based building brick of a company which leads to identity and fame. Actually, this is unique logo which makes your company famous separately from other competitors. A good logo announces the exact business of your company, shows what your company is and how valuable your job is! Whenever we start up a company, there’s always a question! How will we promote our company to more and more people and how the lions share will remember us in one chance? And the answer is – a unique and good logo. The more unique the logo, the better publicity there will be. Such as, whenever we see a blue bird it reminds us about twitter and whenever we see an eaten apple it reminds us about the well-known and all’s favorite “Apple” company or whenever we see the text Coca-Cola with red font, it reminds us none but the well-known cold drink. Thus logos represent companies like an image ambassador.

Types of design services

  • Logo Design
  • Leaflets/flyer Design
  • Poster Design
  • Banner Design
  • Letterhead
  • Brochures Design
  • Package Design
  • Digital Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Display or Exhibiting Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Corporate Profile Design
  • Business Card Design

A brand or a startup needs to make the basement stronger first and then it needs to jump on marketing. Here preparing your services, making a well arranged logo and web and creating the ability of delivering services are mainly the basement all together. Then, when it needs better marketing, it needs a more clear presentation to attract the clients. In this case, the brands or startups need to make their own flyer, poster, banner, business card and letterhead which will be the ambassadors of the company. These will represent your company in front of your clients and worldwide also. When days flow, it needs more perfection and more professionalism in the company. In this case, the company is entirely capable of doing whatever it needs for more marketing. By day, the company also grows up.

There are a lot of types of logos nowadays. Have a look at some of them.

Monogram or Lettermarks Logo- These logos are made of 3-4 letters which are the initials of company names. This type of logo is badly needed for those companies who have a name consisting of more than 3 words and are hard to remember. If you don’t need the full name of your company for marketing exactly, then monogram logos are best for your company. As initials don’t make any sense and won’t represent your company, it will not be pretty good for your startup company. CNN, BBC, NASA are such monogram logos.

Wordmarks or Logotypes- These logos are also Font-based similar to monogram logos. But, these logos are made of 1-2 words which instruct the company names and are easy to remember. Like- Google, Coca-Cola, Visa etc.

Pictorial or  Logo Symbol- These types of logos have a plenty of usage overall around the world. These logos are composed of icons, shapes of lives or an exact graphic. Sometimes, the company names and taglines are used in the below or on the right side of the icon. It’s really easy to remember a company with a unique icon. You can both use the icons job related or not. Bitten apple of Apple and the blue bird of Twitter are the best examples.

Abstract Logo- These logos are similar to symbolic logos. But in this case, the icons are made of geometric structures and shapes. Square, circle, polygons and whatever you want can be used here. These shapes are customized by the creative designers to seem more attractive. The divided circle of Pepsi is the best example of abstract lodo.

Mascots Logo- Mascot logos are generally made of illustrations, cartoon characters and such of fun arts. Company name and tagline can be well organized in those illustrations. Most of the successful companies use these types of ogos. The colonel of KFC shows us the exact result.

Combination Marks- In this case, combination logos are built by combining lettermarks or wordmarks with symbols, abstract or mascots. These are well customized logos where the texts get a reliable place in the art work.

Emblem Logo- The emblem logos consist of text inside a shape like badge, seals or crests. These are the so called traditional logos which are used in schools, organizations and govt. offices.

Letter Forms- These types of logos are the shortest form of monogram logos. In this case, only one letter (can be the first letter) is used to make the logo. But it needs a highly creative designer to make the letter unique. N of Netflix is an example of letter form.

 Slime Logo- These types of logos are used in kids shops, toy companies or cartoon based companies. Slime based shapes are used in these logos to make them more cheerful and more funny.

Fonts Inside a Shape- Nowadays, these logos are being famous all over the world. It’s just a simple tusk as it needs to select or make an exact shape and needs to put the exact text with the exact font, exactly in the middle of the shape.

We, the members of  Creative Mount team are here to provide you with any type of logo at an affordable cost. We provide our client a friendly atmosphere and submit projects before the deadline. So, welcome to our campus!