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In the easiest way, illustration is art work – any types of art work. It’s the way to represent, decorate or visualize the text, icons, concepts in the printed media like flyers, posters, magazines, book covers etc. and also in the electronic media like website banners, social media ads, animations, cover photos etc. Whatever we are creating like clip art, cartoon art or book cover, is a type of illustration. Actually, the whole artwork, presentations used in print media or electronic media, are individual types of illustrations. Basically, this is illustration which is the base of all Medias. It represents today’s graphics based world directly as well as indirectly.

Types of Illustration services

  • Clip Art
  • Cartoon Art
  • Book cover Art
  • Childs Book Art
  • 2D Character Art
  • Vector Art
Clip art & Cartoon

Actually, when we use pre-made images to decor or illustrate any mediums like magazines, infographics, website templates etc. is called clip art. Actually, vectorization is one of the best examples of clip art. Cutting images and converting them into vectors to use in mediums is the main deed to do. In another way, it’s a collection of vector or bitmap images which are used for representing any document, presentation, banner, flyer or other stuff that requires visuals. Clip art can be an image of any people, animal, school, birds, instruments, nature etc.

I think, in this century, no one will dare to ask what the cartoon art is! Whatever, to define it with more clarity we can say that, the types of illustrations, sometimes animated, which are non-realistic or semi-realistic are called cartoons. Basically, the characters of the cartoons are living objects of earth like mankind, animals, and birds etc. which are not realistic. The nature of cartoons is also made of trees, hills, rivers, soil and whatever we have in the earth but they are naturally none/semi realistic.

Clip art, Cartoons, Illustrations in detailed

History says, “Clip art” appeared much before than digital technologies. These two word came from the previous process of cutting or clipping out images from magazines, pages of books, newspapers, posters and from so on print media. People were used to cutting images from print media to use them again in publishing projects to represent the entire project. And this is how we got the theme and the name of clip art. Actually, the vector art of people, animals, icons, trees, foods, natural elements, and toys are examples of clip art. If you have a business school then there is no other easiest or effective way to decorate your presentation with educational symbols, which is a part of clip art. Also, if you are skilled in soccer or badminton then you need to use symbols of the game to publish the best of you, which will also be possible with clip art. In today’s world, where people are finding the best way to represent their profession, their business and also their skill, clip art made a great chance here. People are using clip arts in their presentations, greeting cards or gift cards, worksheets, infographics, posters etc. The main usage of clip art are….slide clip art for presentation, banners and posters for occasions, customizing pictures for cards, images for educations, 2d animations or cartoons and so on. There are many free clip art to use but are not unique. It’ll be best making your own clip art to promote your business

Other hand, Cartoons are well-known non-realistic illustrations. Cartoons are highly used in animations. While children are getting entertained through these cartoons, it made the market place in the grip of its hands. People are using cartoons for their marketing purposes. They are using cartoons in banners, posters, flyers of toys, games, and schools as well as using them in the marketing of clothes. Actually, it’s been a fashion and a well tricked marketing policy to use cartoons in marketing of any business to attract both child’s and mature people.

Actually, both clip art and cartoons are illustrations. There are a lot of types in illustrations. Such as decorating flyers, posters, banners, pads, 2D/3D cartoons etc. Basically, illustration is the first way to go through the designing world. If you want to make animations, you need illustrated character, environment, animals etc. If you want marketing, it needs to design the presentation or ad which is illustration based. Actually, the programs and arts which are made of illustrator or such software are called illustrations.

We are offering you the best clip art, cartoon, character design and other illustrations in a very friendly budget. Our team is going through these services for more than 5 years. I’m sure that you are going to find our team members punctual, honest, sincere and most important, friendly. If you have any questions or suggestions, then contact us!