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Creative Mount is providing its clients with satisfactory Raster to Vector service from the very beginning. We are extremely sincere about our deadlines and obviously friendly in behavior. Here you’ll get a quick delivery and will have a dashing work experience. I’m sure.

If you have a question like- How will you check us whether we are skilled or not? Then, in this case we are providing a free trial for you. Send us a message with the “Free Trial” title and we will convert your two images into vectors for free. So, welcome!

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Types of Vector services
  • Bitmap to vector
  • Jpg/jpeg to vector
  • Png to vector
  • Bmp to vector
  • Cin to vector
  • Gif to vector
  • Jng to vector
  • Pgf to vector
  • WebP to vector
  • Xpm to vector

Raster Graphics

In simple terms, a raster graphic consists of a number of individual rectangular pixels organized into a grid, which compose the image all together. As it is composed of pixels, it shows the pixels individually or becomes blurry and pixelated when it’s scaled. Actually, it’s bitmap images which are called raster graphics. Therefore, the raster graphics file formats are JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, JNG etc.

Vector Graphics

On the other hand, vector graphics are not composed of Pixels. Instead, they are made of points, lines, polygons and so on shapes. Actually, they consist of geometric characteristics. So, they can be scaled as much as we want. They won’t be blurry and won’t lose their quality. AI, EPS, CDR, CGM, DXF etc. are the vector file formats.

Usage of Raster and Vector Graphics

Actually, the quality of a raster graphic depends on how many pixels are contained in every inch of it. The more it’s PPI (pixels per inch) the higher it’s quality. Whatever, the raster formats are used in photo, background, real life graphic etc. But it’s needed a vector format for logos, illustrations, product artwork, character, signage, embroidery etc. Because, these projects require scalable shapes and solid colors which can’t be provided through raster graphics.

Difference Between Raster & Vector

You will notice the difference when you will zoom on a raster and a vector graphic. You will see the raster graphic pixelated and the vector in a smooth shape still. Actually, the resolution is not a matter of concern with vectors but with rasters, it is!

Raster to Vector

Actually, raster images are made with a lot of arranged square pixels. Therefore, the pixel grids provide the quality of the pictures or graphics. The more pixels are there in every inch of the image, the higher its resolution and it’s called PPI (pixels per inch) also. These raster images are also called bitmap images. As they are made of pixels, so, if we zoom in the raster or bitmap images, it will be pixelated. Actually, when we get the pixels visible individually and get the images blurry while scaling, is called pixelate. Basically, you can neither scale up nor scale down the raster images. Whatever you will do, it will lose its quality. Over and above, usage of bitmap images in webs, social Medias or others, makes it blurry and dumb. As a result, the images become unusable further.

In contrast, vector images are composed of points, lines and shapes. Actually, vector images consist of various mathematical terms and shapes. Without using the grids of color pixels, here it fills the shapes with solid color. As a result, it recalculates the mathematical equations of a vector graphic when it’s resized and can be scaled infinitely and can be fit wherever you want. We can zoom it in or out as need and can get any size whatever we want without losing its quality and sharpness.

So, raster to vector is required for use on demand. It will make your logos, images, art works more sharp, clean, well colored and fit for any size. Though there are many free and auto options to convert raster to vector, they are not so sharp or clean and won’t give you the exact results. It needs to make paths, lines and shapes with the hand to ensure the exact and the sharpest one. Actually, it’s the process of converting the raster images into the mathematical vector images. So, it needs much time and industry to accomplish it. But don’t worry! The Creative Mount team members are here to do the math and  to vector your raster images at a friendly cost to save both of your time and industry.

Sometimes, it needs to change your slogan, taglines or similar. In this case, we will also provide you with the exact fonts and colors.

Our team is 8+ years experienced in graphic designing and we are converting raster graphics to vector graphics professionally from the very beginning of our business. You will find our team friendly, sincere, punctual and the most importantly, industrious. Whatever, Welcome to our campus.

# We’ll welcome any raster/bitmap file format like JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, JNG etc.

# We are able to provide any vector file format like AI, EPS, CDR, CGM, DXF etc.